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NaCCRA Article: Let's Look Ahead

9/1/2015 - PARCR Admin

PARCR member Dan Seeger has written an article about a very important subject to all CCRC residents in the most recent NaCCRA Life Line newsletter. This article highlights several topics that are normally overlooked when choosing a retirement community. Click here to read it (PDF).


September Wrap Up Tidbits

9/30/2015 - Laura Paist

MLTSS (now Community Health Choices) concept paper comment deadline is October 16

Healthcare is being transformed in Pennsylvania and will soon change how seniors receive long-term care.

The Department of Human Services (DHS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) are accepting comments on the recently released concept paper on Community Health Choices (CHC), the new name for Managed Long-Term Services and Supports (MLTSS). Some changes have been made from the discussion document, including allowing LIFE program participants to choose whether or not to be enrolled in CHC, and excluding non-Medicaid recipients of the Act 150 program. The comment period deadline is October 16. LeadingAge PA’s Managed Care Task Force will review the document and provide comments to DHS. LeadingAge PA encourages members to check the state’s MLTSS/Community HealthChoices webpage for updates.

Please check out the concept paper at the DHS website.

Anne Henry plans to discuss Community Health Choices at the October 14, 2015 Quarterly Meeting at Messiah Village. Feel free to contact Anne Henry at (717) 790-3949 or <> with your questions or comments.

Pennsylvania Budget

On September 18, the Senate passed an $11 billion stopgap budget measure, SB 1000 by Senator Browne (R – Lehigh), along party lines with a final vote of 30 to 19. On September 24, in a 117-to-83 vote along party lines, the House passed the $11 billion stopgap budget measure, SB 1000 by Senator Browne. As expected, on September 29 Governor Wolf vetoed the $11 billion stopgap budget. This legislation would have provided four months of funding retroactive to July 1, the start of the current fiscal year, for human services agencies, local government and school districts, and would have allowed the state to release $24 billion in federal funds that have been held up by the budget impasse. Negotiations between the governor and the Republican majority leaders continue as they work toward a compromise budget for the entire 2015-2016 state fiscal year. A meeting reportedly took place September 28; however, there were no major breakthroughs.

The LeadingAge PA Government Affairs team will continue to monitor the budget process and update members as new information becomes available.