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December 2013

12/14/2013 - PARCR Admin

Coffee, Tea, and Policy Leading

AgePA Public Policy Team held a Legislative Breakfast for Cumberland/Dauphin areas on November 14, 2013 at Messiah Lifeways – Contact Amanda Cyster at <> or 717-790-3967 if your facility, in a county not yet visited, would like to host a Legislative Breakfast in the Spring of 2014.

Opportunity Knocks

It was clear as a result of the 11-14-2013 Legislative Breakfast that our Representatives and legislative staff attendees wanted to hear legislative proposals that would change the way Medicaid funds senior services. The legislature has charged LeadingAgePA to begin this examination through the language the legislature amended into House Resolution #255. That amendment asked LeadingAgePA to review how Pennsylvanians can “prepare for future long-term care costs." As part of the 36 members that make up the taskforce studying this system, LeadingAge PA will need to step-up and provide policy initiatives that work. Stay tuned for these first policy initiatives coming from LeadingAgePA this December!

Meet your LeadingAge PA Team!

After nearly ten years of staff stability, the past year has brought a number of employee departures at LeadingAge PA. We now have a great new team that is set to take LeadingAge PA to new levels as we embark on the NorthStar 2.0 journey. [more[( (link to get new team) (11-25-2013)

What is NorthStar 2.0?? LeadingAgePA’s newly published NorthStar 2.0 is an update to the original NorthStar document released in 2006, which provided the framework for LeadingAge PA’s decisions and actions. Many of the association’s members used the framework to guide their decisions and strategic planning. Discover northstar 2.0... (to download a copy)

LeadingAge PA is now accepting submissions for our 2014 Distinguished Service Awards! Our awards program honors twelve outsanding individuals and groups annually. Please take the time to nominate those among you that deserve to be recognized. Deadline February 5, 2014. Learn more/nominate... (update 12-2-2013)

Governor Corbett’s Healthy Pennsylvania initiative, State Healthcare Innovation Plan for Pennsylvania, project plans to redesign the way health care services are delivered. LeadingAge PA has pointed out that long term care consumers and providers are missing from the transformation process. (12-11-2013)

Member Advocacy Project (MAP)

LeadingAge PA has introduced a new and exciting way to enhance member involvement with advocacy initiatives! Your ‘MAP’ will include a focused briefing on a specific issue, supporting documentation and a list of the specific action steps you can consider taking to assist in LeadingAge PA Advocacy efforts!

More info to come as it applies to CCRCs. (12-13-2013)

2014 Peak Leadership Summit, March 17-19.2014 in Washington, D.C. Registration opens in January 2014. Visit