Delete a Post

Updated: Feb 13

1. Click the Past or Canceled tab depending on whether the event date was passed or the event was canceled.

2. Click the Show Moreicon on the event you want to delete.

3. Click Delete.

4. Click Delete to confirm.


Blogs are regularly updated websites that provide essential insights into a certain topic. These topics can be anything from food to professional marketing. Blogs are comprised of individual posts on more specific subjects within the blog’s field of expertise. These posts often serve as a platform for discussions, as many blogs have active comments sections. You can think of a blog almost as a newspaper that adds a new article every once in a while and continually maintains the older articles.

Based on feedback from the executive committee there are four different categories of blogs each of which will have their own page for display. Categories may be changed at anytime to add or delete.

1. Bulletins

2. Executive Committee

3. Legistlation

4. Meetings