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Minutes of PARCR Executive Committee
ZOOM 25 August 2021

Minutes of PARCR Executive Committee

ZOOM 25 August 2021

Welcome: Nancy Hann, President called the meeting to order and welcomed everyone.

Attendance: Nancy Hann, Lowell Starling, Susan Martin, Gail Stelger, Bill Stelger, Anne Henry (LeadingAge PA), Terry DiGruttolo, Sue DiGruttolo, Linda Heck, Cheryl Rhodes, William Clement, Tony Wright and guests Dale Meadowcroft and Mary Boulanger.

This special meeting was called for the Executive Committee to be briefed on the Strategic Plan. Nancy has three areas to cover today: introduction of the Strategic Plan, defining a liaison and the October quarterly meeting. Nancy thanked those involved and turned the presentation over to her co-chair, Bill Clement.

Bill also thanked all the committee and introduced Mary Boulanger a friend of Nancy Hann and a trained facilitator who worked with the team. During 17 to 18 zoom meetings the team has put together the plan presented. PARCR had no plan for the future and the team has put together a new Vision statement, Mission statement and objectives and actions to move PARCR forward. (The slide presentation is attached)

Following the slide presentation the floor was opened for questions and comments. Bill Stelger had a question about the vision statement and felt it needed an approach like the mission statement. After some discussion Linda Heck suggested adding “Recognized as” to the beginning of the statement and the majority was in agreement.

Nancy asked Ann Henry for her opinion and Ann feels that PARCR leadership is headed in the right direction.

Susan Martin made a motion to accept the Strategic Plan with the change to the vision statement adding “Recognized As”. The motion was seconded by Bill Stelger and unanimously passed.

Nancy next wanted to discuss changing the title delegate to liaison for those members of PARCR. Her definition of the liaison is a person who is a conduit between the residents of the community as well as the management of the community and PARCR.

PARCR currently has two types of memberships. The Community membership allows a community to name three delegates as members to PARCR and the Associate members who pay their own yearly dues. Many of the associate members were at one time delegates and have maintained individual membership after their communities name new delegates. PARCR doesn’t choose representatives; this is usually done by the community and is usually members of the Resident Council.

This was followed by a lengthy discussion as to who should be the liaison for the community. The desire is for all members to promote PARCR to their individual communities but the members selected by the community would be the prime persons to be renamed as liaisons. Nancy proposed that the January meeting be solely committed to the Strategic Plan except for the LeadingAge PA and NaCCRA presentations. The morning presentation will be the Strategic Plan and during the afternoon have the members and associates break into groups and describe how they can get engaged as liaisons. Mary suggested doing prep work before the meeting and the discussion included Susan Martin sending an email to alert members of changes coming and to watch for the December newsletter for more information. The October Newsletter will include the Vision and Mission Statement and Nancy will address these in her article to the members. It was also decided that the January meeting will be strictly for the 3 members from each community and Associate members that have paid their dues.

The third item Nancy wanted to address was the September executive meeting and the October quarterly meeting. COVID refuses to give in and the latest guidance from the CDC is to be wearing a mask in group or certain indoor settings. Most of the villages represented in the meeting today have already put the mask requirement in place. After discussion it was the consensus of the attendees to continue to use ZOOM for these meetings and to put that information on our website. Bill Stelger motioned to use ZOOM for September and October meetings and Tony Wright seconded and it was unanimously approved. Nancy will notify Masonic Village of our decision and Bill Stelger said the guest speaker is prepared to go either way.

Nancy has all the future meetings scheduled through April 2023.

Since all items on the agenda were addressed the meeting was adjourned at 11:45 AM

Respectfully submitted,

Cheryl Rhodes

Cheryl Rhodes

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