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What We Offer


Relevant and Timely Information

PARCR provides relevant and timely information that is valuable to residents of retirement communities.  Our primary communication vehicle is our Quarterly Meetings, held either at a member retirement community, or virtually as needed.  The meetings feature speakers that address vital topics for seniors such as personal and cyber security, dealing with health issues such as stroke and dementia, Social Security, and industry trends in senior living.

Community News

PARCR’s quarterly newsletter, the POST, provides summaries of the quarterly meetings, updates on current topics relevant to seniors, and articles about activities and accomplishments at member communities. 


Legislative Information


PARCR partners with LeadingAge PA to keep members current on legislative and regulatory activity in Harrisburg which have a direct impact on the lives and pocket books of retirement community residents.  Bulletins from PARCR will provide updates and the information you can use to contact your local elected representatives to make your support or opposition known.


Socialization and Networking

PARCR’s primary vehicle for socialization and networking is attendance at the Quarterly Meetings when they are held on-site at a member community.  You will have time before and after the meetings and during lunch to chat with residents of other communities and identify shared interests.  Between the meetings you can reach out to them to further the discussion and then share that information with others in your community.

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