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Applications for Membership

Individual Membership Application Form
Community Council Membership Application Form

The community membership of $60 includes the chair/president of the community’s Resident Council/Association and two paid delegate positions. PARCR’s executive board trusts that the chair/president and the two delegate members will represent the community at the PARCR meetings and serve as the contacts/liaisons with PARCR for your community. Our goal is to foster a close relationship with your Resident Council/Association so that the information gathered at our meetings and from the minutes and newsletters will be shared with and used to enrich your organization and community. Please note that we ask you to indicate the term of office that the chair/president will serve (i.e.: 1/1/2022-12/30/2023). We would appreciate notification any time during the year of any changes in the position of the president and delegates who will be representing the community during 2022-2023.

Please complete the form with the names of your chair/president and the delegates along with their address, email address, and phone number to aid us in communicating with them. This will allow us to send information to your organization, such as meeting notices, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, newsletters, legislative news, surveys, and other pertinent information over the coming year.

A separate membership form is provided for individual memberships. An individual membership of $20 entitles the resident to receive the notices of the meetings and other communications.

Thank you for your continued support and involvement in PARCR.

Susan Martin
PARCR Membership

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