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Leading Age Member Alert

"PA Senate passed SB 1122 for $507 million support for long-term care. Since the bill now goes to the house for consideration, PARCR needs your help to contact your state house member to advocate for this critical funding.

Please follow this link to read a statement from Adam Marles, President and CEO of LeadingAge PA with specific information about this bill.

See below for LeadingAge PA's response to the Senate Bill.

Thank you for your assistance in this very critical matter.

##PA Senate passes bill for $507 million support for long-term care

Late this afternoon (May 12, 2020), the Pennsylvania Senate unanimously passed Senate Bill 1122, providing $507 million dollars in emergency funding support for COVID-19 response to long-term care providers across the Commonwealth. LeadingAge PA has advocated strongly for significant funding for weeks, and we are excited to announce this outcome. The package includes:

- $449 million for long-term care

- $50 million for Community HealthChoices

- $8 million for LIFE programs

This is a great victory, but we still need your advocacy!

The legislation now goes to the state House for consideration, so please reach out to your state representatives to advocate for this critical funding. Let them know all nursing facilities need this support. There are proposals circulating that would allocate funds based on Medical Assistance utilization by days—this would result in our membership receiving tens of millions of dollars less than if funding is allocated equally by licensed beds across the state.

The LeadingAge PA team is also working to make sure that personal care homes and assisted living residences receive a portion of the funding, so please reiterate that point with your representatives.

Finally, though funding is our immediate reason for reaching out, immunity from civil liability remains a priority and focus. Expect to see more from LeadingAge PA on that issue in the next couple of days.

Please reach out with any questions and continue to let us know how we can support you.

As always, thank you for all that you do for our older adults and those who care for them.



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