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Member Alert: Advocacy for Immunity Protection

LeadingAge PA Members:

Long-term care providers need protections from civil liability, and your PA House and Senate members need to hear from you now.

Even as states all over the country have provided protections for providers acting in good faith, Pennsylvania has failed to act. Guidance and best practices from state and federal governmental bodies have evolved rapidly over the last several months, often without clarity.

Shortages of personal protective equipment, testing supplies, and staff have strained the system. Good quality providers have been forced to make due as they make decisions about how to provide the care residents need, and they should be protected from frivolous suits.

* Use these talking points for additional information on liability protections.

* Urge the General Assembly to provide protections from predatory attorneys, lawsuits, and settlements.

* Call or email your Member of the PA House and Senate and tell them why liability protections are important to you. Seek their support by asking them to share this priority with their leadership and vote in support of these protections.

Please share the details of your conversations with Georgia Goodman at


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